SELLING: 2017 Polaris 800 RMK PRO AXYS 163 trk 2.5 lug


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Feb 22, 2011
2017 Axys 163 trk RMK 800 Pro
$8100 dropping $8000 and taking reasonable onsite cash offer

Fresh out of deal for service, all bulletins and recall items done. Seat was replaced with new.
1720 miles.
After market front bumper

36 inch stance a-arms (Similar to Zbros) have the replacable heim joint that can be done in the field instead of towing your ride home!
Several extra new belts and plugs (belts are around 200 each to replace )

Not including CFR rack

Need a deep powder riding sled? I'm 200lbs and I was having trouble riding till i got this with the 163 trk. Now i can go UP!

Can't afford to keep two sleds.

Have too many, time to let one go!

South Lk Tahoe, CA

Sorry for posting this in the Skidoo thread


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