Seeking info on moving West...

Oct 1, 2002
After recently coming back from my 5th trip(1st in the summer/ non snowmobile related) in 11 yrs to the Teton area, I'm strongly considering a move to the W. WYO/ E. Idaho (about 1hr either side of the border) or perhaps W. Yellowstone/S. Montana area. I'd like to narrow down some areas in each state for the Gf and I to look around at. Im just getting my feet wet on this idea, this is probably 1-2yrs down the rd.
Schools/education are of no concern, no kids and dont want kids. Not particularity religious.

Im a local cdl A driver, though a move out there I would likely change careers. Probably something in the heavy equipment sector(pay loader/excavator at a gravel pit/ private construction or something) I do have some experience, no interest in the oil fields or on a rd crew however.
She would be looking for something with wildlife. Whether it be at a zoo or working with animals in some capacity (not an officer/game warden/ ranger though)

Im curious on the tax situation in these areas? I know there's no income tax in Wy, but killing time looking at real estate I see 2 million dollar 4500sq ft homes paying less in taxes (5200) than i do for my 160,000 home 1950 sqft (6400ish) Am I missing something here with property taxes? Taxes for houses in our range appear to only be in the 1500-2000/yr. Our housing budget would likely be in the 200-300K range.

Ive been told there is some hefty vehicle tax fees in wy??

What other pro/cons should we be aware of? Coming from NY we are familar to cold/snow though I suspect these areas see more extended periods of extreme cold than we might be use to. We usually get 2-3 days below zero/ single digit highs and 1-2 nights -10/-15 lows per yr.

I appreciate any and all info.


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Apr 18, 2014
Casper, WY
I 'm a New York Wyoming transplant been out here for 23 years. I grew up in the Snowy part of New York right off Lake Ontario and rode Tug Hill all the time and still have a camp in the Stillwater area. I have yet to see a storm out here that has even come close to a Lake effect storm from home. They can't plow rodes out here worth a damn. We have a little bit of wind that makes things hard. I don't think it is as cold either. The car deal out here you get use to the first couple of times it sucks. Housing is pricer then there that's for sure. However, Wyoming is a great State and one of the only ones left that have good valves low population and is not full of a bunch wing nuts. We don't have the City telling us what is best and there backward thinking. We like our Guns and hunting and can carry them and don't have a state that wants to ban everything. Jobs for CDL drivers are everywhere depending on what you want. Don't overlook the Patch there are some great jobs with good benefits and good pay. You don't have to be on a Rig. The snowmobiling is awesome out here. I miss my family back in New York and have almost moved back or thought about it. I really like it here and have made it my home. Tax on homes is much lower and no State Income tax. You do get a little less house and land for the money it all depends where you want to live. They don't tax you to death like NY.