SE Idaho and Northern UT Grass Drags


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Jul 19, 2001
Preston, Idaho
SE Idaho has secured a Sod farm for grass dragging.

Since it was just secured, this year's schedule is given on short notice..

But the area is excellent and the racing should be as well

So, this year there will be 2 races at this new venue in Franklin ID

1st race: Sept 22nd

2nd race Oct 6th

So, come on out for some fun and enjoy some 2 stroke smoke (I guess the 4 strokers can come too:baby:)

Location is Hobbs Sod Farm in Franklin/Whitney ID just 3 miles over the Northern UT border..

Just 2 blocks off Hwy 91 at the Cub River Road Turn off..

Come have some fun...

OOOPS Wrong forum.. It will not let me delete.. But you guys form the NE are welcome as well!

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