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Robbies 900 "build" log/questions

Edit: No idea why my images keep getting uploaded upside down....

Picked up my first 900 about a month ago off CL, an 05 50th 166". Probably over payed a bit at $1700, but w/e. I did my reaserch and new the problems with them, but im pretty mechancially inclined so it didn't bother me.

950miles on the clock, owner claimed it hadnt been ran in 3+years and that it needed a new fuel pump and intake boots (backed up by the dealer service quote he had).

Didnt take any before pics but it was in good physical condition, just dirty from sitting for many years.

Ordered a pair of good used intake boots from an 06 on ebay. Along with a good used fuel pump/pickup assembly to replace the one that was all rotted out. Once these were replaced the sled fired right up with some fresh fuel.
Adjust the TPS according to the manual and it seemed to idle and run well.

-Removed all the decals and polished the hood

-Deleted the radiator and fabbed up a quick intake

-Realized the stock bumper sucks, especially with the radiator removed, so I bought a Skinz front bumper and found out my intake didnt fit, so had to rework that....

-Hunted for some betterboards but no luck, so I decided to mess around my self. Bough some of the SPI traction things, and riveted them on, then welded them for some more rigidty, then hogged out a bunch of material, still need to clean it up and make all the holes match, but i wasnt super interested in making it pretty, just want it to function.

-Machined a basic 4" bar riser out of aluminum

-Replaced the plugs

-Removed the oil pump and spun it with a drill to verify it was flowing

-Rebuilt the primary with an SPI kit, which was absolutely garbage. The pins for the weights were too short, and the buttons were almost twice as thick as they should have been. Ended up machining some buttons out of some unfilled PEEK that I had lying around the shop and got a real nice fit. Had the clutch balanced locally. Still using the stock weights and spring, for now. Shimmed it for a brand new Gates 44C4553, with .01" clearance. -Bought some Frogskin and machined some "frames" to make some vents. Did one on the clutch side cover and the shocktower in front of the clutches. Not crazy about how the side turned out, Ill probably redo it to cover most of the side since I goofed on the front angle and it doesnt match the plastic.

-Ordered Wiseco pistons/top end gaskets (I know the deal with the warm up cycle/requirements), i am not ready to drop the coin on OEM pistons yet for this sled.

-Ordered the x-937 throttle/oil cable from MotionPro, should have that in a week or two. If anyone is wondering, the price has gone up substantially. I think about $75 + shipping.

- Need to clean the exhaust valves

Did a quick shake down run this past weekend and I definitely have some things to sort out.

So, right off the bat I noticed the sled didnt like more than 1/4 throttle, sort of like a bog but more of like just a soft limiter. I rode gently all day (wasn't going to sit at the truck all day while my buddy's rode) and noticed that I could not get more than 6k out of it, which limited me to about 35mph. I could only get to 6k by lightly rolling into the throttle but no more than 1/4. No CEL, flashing or solid. From what I read, the sled was in limp mode. I will be tearing apart the harness to redo the TPS portion, and hopefully this fixes it. I will most likely end up pulling the whole motor out this weekend just to go through everything. Anyone's input to this would be great.




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Could be, but no cel to confirm. Trying not just throw parts at it. I’ll check resistivity of it, and see if I can find specs for it.

pulled it in the garage tonight and started removing parts to get the motor out, will yank it out tomorrow after work.
Turns out the fuel pump I installed was off an 06, so triple the fuel pressure, and she was a little on the fat side. Put an 05 pump back in and it runs great.

I cant believe no one told me how shitty that intake i made would perform! Fortunately I realized it before riding this weekend and made up a new one. I actually was looking for a replacement stock one but couldn't find any for sale. Its a good thing I redid it all, was riding in 3-4ft of powder all day yesterday.

Ebay has been good to me lately, got a SLP pipe and can for $130 shipped! It ran and sounded great yesterday. Nice to get rid of that damn suitcase of a muffler! Made use of the spare room near the can and built a little box to keep spare goggles and gloves in. Just need to finish welding the lid and weld up a hinge and put some trim/seal around the lid.

Picked up a pair of 09 dragon spindles on ebay, so ill install them this week and hopefully try them out next weekend. On the hunt for some new skis to top it all off. Rode my brother 12 RMK 800 and it handles like a dirtbike compared to my 900, so im on a mission to do everything i can to get handling a little better!


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How much do the drop brackets drop the skid?
Did the axys spindles bolt right up? I’d love to know how they perform compared to the 09-10 iq spindles. I only payed $50 shipped for the pair, so I’ll give them a shot.
I have an 05 dragon also and wanting to see how your spindle swap gos.

I will let you know how it rides. The way I setup the spacers it appears to be about 2" narrower in the front, which should help to keep it on edge on the hills.

After riding about 30miles of 3ft powder last weekend I realized how thirsty this pig is and decided to put the gas can back on the tunnel. But I didnt want to remove my apache box(HF pelican knock off). So I made some mounting brackets out of aluminum angle to hold it in place. Had to move the shovel back a little to make room.

Right side ski spindle bolt was seized, took alot of hammering to get it out. Left side was easy, wasnt seized at all. I greased the **** out of it going back in. Need to get some longer bolts for the upper A arm tomorrow. Need to do some research on setting up the toe and camber also.

Decided to toss one of my spare AEM widebands on the sled to do some tuning with the boondocker box. I believe the sled still has the stock ecu flash, so I have some tuning to do to get pipe dialed in. Im too impatient for reading plugs and wash. Plus, im sure it will end up with a turbo before I decide to sell it for a newer machine.


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