Rino GPS/Radio - How are you guys storing/utilizing this tool using both functions?

Sep 28, 2015
Hi all. I have both a BCA radio with mic that I put on my BCA mountain pro vest and now I picked up an older rino 530HCX to use. I was thinking about consolidating my gear and using the rino exclusively and abandoning my BCA unit. The garmin does transmit at 5watts as opposed to 2watts and also is louder than my BCA.

The problem is I can't really put the GPS in the mtn pro vest with a shoulder mic and be able to easily get to it. Are any of you mounting the GPS to your breast pocket using the belt clip with any success? Is there a better way to do this? Just wondering what you all have come up with for this.

Otherwise I will keep the BCA in my backpack and get a handlebar bag and throw the gps in there. That might be easiest...


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Nov 26, 2007
deer valley sask.
i mount my rino 755 on a hard mount to my 800xm just ordered a new mount for my gen4 today easy to hear i alway put a fishing leader as a tether just in case nut i have rolled it multipule times and never a problem batterys last al day and the ability to poll my riding buddys to find them is great screen is small i hade to follow my track out last year in asnow storm worked well


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Aug 25, 2002
I started using those radios about 12-15 yrs ago (not sure exactly). I have always used a RAM mount and attached it directly to the bars, right above the steering post and its mount almost flat. Its very protected in this location. Its never been damaged and only came out of the mount 1 time in a hard / fast roll over. I did loop the factory theather cord on the radio around my bars just for a situation like this and it stayed with the sled.

Its very easy to use in this location, you can see the map and key the mic very easy.
The only down side to this is its not on your person if you were to be in an avy.


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Nov 29, 2007
Plymouth, MN
i have my 755 mounted to my dash in a place that the bars wont hit, flat mount with the tether looped around the base of the bars.. Mainly to minimize chance of loosing it when rolling sled over. But that means my BCA radio is still primary and it's in my pack with mic on the shoulder strap of the BCA Avy pack. so the Rino becomes a secondary radio. Definitely want my radio attached to me in case of getting separated from my sled in a bad situation (read: Avy).


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Nov 28, 2007
I keep my Rino in my coat pocket with external mic clipped to my backpack strap. I have a ram mount on my handlebars that I can put it in if I need to use the GPS to get myself out of some place.


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Jan 5, 2009
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I had a pouch made by FHF (Bozeman Mt). Carry my Rino 650 in it. Attaches to my avy pack shoulder strap. Can hear with ear plugs in when I ride and very easy to access and use radio or GPS. Completely keeps the snow and water out. Really handy.
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