Ride Wallace and the Panhandle of Idaho

Hello Ladies, Come and enjoy some beautiful views, fresh powder and dining delights up here in Wallace and its surrounding areas. It is snowing again and what we have is great for sledding right now. MoonPass, Fourth of July Pass and Lookout Pass are all great right now with excellent feedback from my guests. Also where I reign up the North Fork of the CDA river at BumbleBee, Steamboat, Magee and the Shoshone Base Camp areas are all great also and have seen lots of action and grooming. Love the warming hut up Steamboat at Hudlow and at Magee Ranger Station. Some great times spent there. Go check them out. Call me at the Wallace Inn and I can give you some updates on the snow and some great room rates if you want to come stay and play. Just let me know!
The Wallace Inn
Michele Davies 208-752-1252
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