REV seat on an XP

Aug 31, 2020
Does anyone know if it's possible to put a rev 1+1 seat onto an xp? I would be okay with minor mods but nothing major. I'm a cheapskate looking to get a seat for my girlfriend and used rev seats are very inexpensive. I'm new to snowmobiling so if there is someplace to get inexpensive 2 up or 1+1 XP seats let me know, thanks.


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Nov 26, 2007
New Prague, MN
I doubt it would be easy. The rev seat mounts to the tunnel and the spars around the gas tank, where the xp actually mounts to the tank. The tanks on xps are wider than the revs so a rev seat wouldn't physically fit around the tank without some serious modifications.

They no longer make the xp 1+1 seats but if you watch dootalk, craigslist, facebook, ebay, etc... they are still around and can be had for reasonable money. If found one a couple years ago for $175.
Oct 8, 2009
43 it!

Step 1. Each rider get dressed in riding gear.
Step 2. Duck tape the passenger to the driver.
Step 3. Start sled in the parking lot.
Step 4. The duck tape duo needs to comfortably mount the sled.
Step 5. Let'r RIP!
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