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Replacement shocks for MTX float2s?

Feb 28, 2011
So it turns out Fox has discontinued the parts for the Float2s. Has anyone replaced their center and rear with something else? Mine are pitted and bent and need replacement.
I know I can get a custom build from z-bros or Carter, but that's more than the sled is worth. Any advice? Thanks.
Oct 8, 2009
Raptor shocks. The float 2s are too weak for the rear skid on a viper or winder if you make a lot of power. I have blown out 2 rear shocks before switching to raptor shocks on a Kmod. I have not had any other problems since. In fact, call Kevin at kmod and discuss it with him if you want to know more. Alternatively, I have 2 full 2015 viper skids with shocks that I am willing to sell if you're interested. I won't separate shocks from the skids.
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