Recommended repair shop near Tahoe

I am looking for a recommendation on a repair shop. I live near South Lake Tahoe (Stateline) but due to the lack of reliable/knowledgeable shops I have always made the trek to Tom's Snowmobiles. They just informed me that they will no longer work on Arctic Cat sleds which presents a problem for me since one of my sleds is an Arctic Cat.

I have a funky issue going with that sled ('07 M6) whereby it dies once it seems to warm up. Won't start up right after it dies but it will if you give it a few mins, but then it will die again once it runs a bit longer.

Anyway, I'm looking for a reputable shop or even an individual who knows their stuff. I would love to stay local but am willing to drive an hour or two if that means getting the best service.


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Apr 6, 2013
Carson Motorsports is a Cat dealer now, and their service dept has a good rep with dirtbikes - not sure if that will carry over to sleds or not, but it's possible.


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Mar 5, 2011
South Lake Tahoe, CA
dupont in quincy is a cat dealer (also polaris).
my buddy had an axys motor rebuilt there. so far so good

Auburn extreme may do cat. Travis (nregistered) seemed to have a good experience with his polaris there


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Dec 28, 2008
Jimmy at dupont up in quincy is on it. Bit of a drive but they've been dealing cats for eons.
The stator is an interesting thought. I just don't have the time to dig into it to find out.

I ended up dropping it off at Carson Motorsports. They've treated me well on the dirt bike front in the past so I'm willing to give them a shot. Lots of new faces and toys there with the new ownership.
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