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Dec 24, 2007
O'Neill, NE
Any more info?? When I left there in early October, Brett or Steph never said anything about this? Hope its not true.
Feb 19, 2009
After owning the resort for the past year, Will Chamley and Anita Sandberg are now also managing the resort. We will continue the commute to our home in Williston, ND spending most weekends and holidays in the hills.

We enjoy riding side by sides, motorcycles and snowmobiles in the Black Hills and look forward to a great snowmobile season.

We invite everyone to stop in and meet us, along with our new staff and general manger.

Still offering great food, cold beer and a place to warm up by the fire.

Hope to see you soon!

This is quoted from the REC Springs blog.


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Feb 3, 2009
Hot Springs, SD
How was the lunch sno cop

I have ate there twice this winter. Had a chicken tender sandwich the first time. Very good, excellent fries. Today had a hamburger. Nice toasted bun and large patty. I was concerned it may had been a little under cooked. I enjoy a pink burger at home if I know the source of the meat but do not trust a pink burger at a resturant. They do have some heater issues they have not fixed yet. Both times froze my buns off. The bathrooms were the only warm spot in the entire place.


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Jan 20, 2010
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
New owners

I personally will not be making rec springs one of my stops until new owners take the place again. I understand business, but in a community like this, the way the new people took over and took advantage of Brett and Steph was wrong. It is not my place to cover details, but I do think it is important that people know what kind of people they are giving hard earned money to.
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