Rear Idler Wheel Replacement

i need to replace the middle idler on my 08 MTZ but was wondering if there was a conversion to a two idler narrow stance? I've seen pictures but I think it's a Timbersled skid and not a factory skid. Any information would be appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2014
Snohomish, WA
I built a 2-wheel setup for my 07 MTX (stock suspension) a while back, and have been very happy with the performance. The narrowed axle/more flexible outer edge of the track coupled with no sway bar in front has been one of the best modifications I've done. Now the sled can easily be tipped up and sidehill with very little effort any time I want to.

As far as where to buy an axle, I'd probably check out these from Nextech, as it sounds like they'll do about what you want and it looks like they're also in Alberta.

Here's a few more from Tricked Toys. It looks like they have a few more options (for example, offset axles-if you want to go with a larger wheel).

Hopefully this helps!


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