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Apr 5, 2006
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I sent you a PM...let me know if it helped you:face-icon-small-hap
Thank you. I replied as I was a little confused.

What is funny is I was able to recreate the issue in the pic above 3 more times yesterday. It would happen each time after visiting SW user Bikeman ('s) new website Speed Shop Inc.

If I closed the browser and reopened, then this site was back to normal. However, when I went to website Speed Shop Inc. and then returned to Snowest, I had those issues.

So now I'm just back to the typing issues.


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Jan 5, 2012
So first thing I would do:

1. Right click on your taskbar and Select the option to start task manager.
2. Select the tab that is labeled "Processes". Make sure it has the option selected to show all processes for all users.
3. Click on the column labeled "CPU", and if the values remain at 0, click it again.
4. Take a screenshot of that screen and post back here.

Do this when you are not having issues and when you can reproduce the issue.

On a side note, remove one of the two antiviruses running on your computer. When it comes to that, two is not better than one. (I'd suggest removing AVG).


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