Re-Engineered REV Recoil Assembly

Jan 20, 2017
If anyone is tired of buying 20$ recoil kits every season, because of all the problems associated with the current design. Let me know as I am currently in the process of making a new assembly that should last forever.

It would use your existing recoil housing, but the internal components would be CNC machined from aluminum and anodized for a better heat resistance and smoother sliding surface. The plastic tabs would be gone forever, and replacing them are thicker stronger aluminum locked connection....The plastic is known to slip past the tabs and become useless.....I've had to rip apart my recoil out on a ride and put it back together and it's not a fun experience.

The internal parts are known to come off their housing and rattle around and damage other parts. With this new design the snap ring is replaced with a ring type cap with a hole pre drilled so you can drill through the top plastic and use a cotter pin to seal everything.

I am currently using a bolt and a washer at the end of my recoil assembly and it seems to be working for the time being.

I need to know if there is any interest for me to show a prototype on the forums or if anyone thinks they would be intersted in seeing how it works? before you decide you want one for your sled.....This is for REV model ski doo sleds.

Mine is an 07 MXZ 591cc 121"

- race suspension rs4
- 440 gearing
- clutch kit
- V force 3 reeds
- 1.75" backcountry x track
- Freeride skis
- MBRP trail can
- WRP seat, running boards, and extra cold air intake kit installed.
- Timbersled A arms, narrow stance and skis further ahead.
- Frogskinz
- scs wrap
- 7" riser
- purple secondary spring
- ipone oil
- xtx belts
Jan 20, 2017
Originally Posted by shj
What do you mean by it's already being done?

rev recoil
Aluminum housing;

Aluminum Pawl:

Only 2 pieces that need to be aluminum. Frankly, just the pawl needs to be aluminum if some heat shielding is applied to the recoil housing. I have studied and repaired these things for years and it comes down to really being clean and using the proper lubricant. All that is maintenance. Obviously lower to no maintenance would be great. The aluminum pawl has eliminated failures. The second it starts to drag, it gets cleaned and lubed. Just my input.
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Jan 20, 2017
Yea I've heard that there is a model with an aluminum pawl and that is possibly it yes….but I am in the process of making a complete new assembly…all aluminum and hopefully anodized….eliminating all failures…no more snap ring either…going to use cotter pin like in the power modz video….


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Jul 6, 2001
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I've used MidWest's recoil since he first brought them to market. Best thing out there!
The 1000 pawl is an upgrade but the post still warps and the stock star washer is never good for long. Plus it's just a cast piece.
I worked at a BRP shop for 6 years and had 3-4 recoils in stock at all times. For those that didn't want to spend the cash on a complete assy. I also stocked rebuild kits and warned everyone that bought a rebuild kit that they'd be back next week for a complete assy. Sure as **** everyone one of them came back buying a complete rewind.

I probably have 30,000 pulls on my MidWest recoil and it's never failed me. I did open it up 2 years ago to install a Cobra cord and freshen up the springs. Not because I needed to but because I figured 4 years on a Doo rewind(even if it was aftermarket) was pushing the limits.

It's worth it to upgrade 100%

MidWest Billet Recoil
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Dec 6, 2007
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yeah, the 1 litre Rev's had an aluminum pawl
I'm on my second recoil on my 06 Rev with almost 10k miles on it. must be my lucky day. I've owned four Rev's an RT Summit, and an XM and have only replaced one recoil in all of them.
When I worked at the dealer one common mistake I saw a lot of, was people servicing there recoils and yanking out the retainer clips instead of cutting them, damaging the mounting post. It's all down hill from there....
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