Raptor TRS triple rate springs SOLD


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Nov 27, 2008
For Sale Polaris Assault RMK triple rate Front and Rear suspension spring kit made by Raptorshocks.com. This kit was purchased to upgrade a 2011 Polaris Pro RMK with Assault front a arms and Walker Evans clicker shocks front and rear. The single wound triple rate springs improve ride quality without noisy transition collars and will not wear your shock body like stacked springs can. Sale includes 2 front shock springs - 12" free length, 1 rear skid front shock spring - 8.5" free length, 1rear skid rear spring - 11" free length. This kit was used for less than a season on a 2011 Pro RMK 800 with Assault clicker front and rear shocks with the wider front a arms from an assault. The kit was removed when the sled was sold. All springs are in excellent almost new condition. This kit is still available from raptor for $325. These springs may work on other Polaris sleds with walker Evans shocks as they are all the same diameter with a 1.850" spring retaining collar (spring end inside diameters are around 1.900"). If you are considering purchasing for a sled other than an RMK with clicker shocks please measure your shocks to be sure your spring retainers have the correct amount of adjustment to add preload to the spring free length noted above as I have no way to verify fitment beyond the 2011 sled I removed them from. I will separate if you are only interested in the front or rear set. $95 for the front set shipped to lower 48. $95 for the rear set shipped to lower 48. $170 for the set of 4 shipped to lower 48 from Wi. 2011 rmk 10a.jpg 2011 rmk 10b.jpg 2011 rmk 10c.jpg
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