Raptor Ace vs. Tom's Shocks


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Dec 17, 2007
British Columbia
I've searched and found a few threads talking about both kits. Sounds like both are a big improvement over stock for predictability and ride quality. I'm just not sure which route I want to go as both kits seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. I ordered a 2022 Expert Turbo for next year as my Khaos has had too many issues this season so back to skidoo reliability for me.

I'm going to be running ZRP lifted spindles and SLP MoHawk skis. I'm looking for a full suspension package with T-motion lock out and torsion spring delete as well.

The advantages I see for the Raptor Ace kit are solid T-motion lock out and stronger rear link/arm. I can also buy Raptor local her in BC Canada.

The advantages I see from Tom's is lighter weight Fox QRS and the quick adjust/plus rear lockout option. Some disadvantages are US purchase and really hard to get a hold of Tom.

Just looking for some feed back from people who have ran either kit this season. I'm guessing I can't really go wrong with either option.


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Aug 16, 2013
central 509
I haven't run toms but heard good things. For what it's worth I'm taking off all the suspension on my 22 turbo and moving the raptor ace with kinetic shocks from my 18 to the 22. When I first put them on wasn't sure. A few rides later I swapped sleds with my buddy. NEVER going back to stock and yes tmotion is locked out and will remain that way.


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Jul 30, 2008
Jackson Wy
Both are quality products. Due to being in Canada and being able to get local access to Raptors, would certainly cause some contemplation.

Tom’s Snowmobile is what makes the Fox set up good. With out Tom’s the Fox is not as good as it could be. At least in my opinion. I’ve been on Tom’s product in one form or another since my 2004 Summit. Always been great.

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Oct 18, 2013
Fort Sask, Alberta
I installed a raptor ace halfway through this season when I replaced my track. I've been pretty happy with the setup so far, I can fly down whooped out trails a lot more easily than before and it seems to control ski lift a lot better but is still pretty playful. Haven't played with the settings too much and still have the OEM ski shocks on it.

I will say that the T motion lockout system seems kinda cheesy and I expected a bit more. It works good enough I guess and should last anyways. I've only ridden with T motion locked but it seems like if you wanted to run it unlocked it would be extra floppy lol.


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Feb 7, 2008
Pocatello Idaho
I have the Raptor ACE on both my sleds so I tested T-Motion lockout multiple times and for my riding style and terrain, most times I prefer T-Motion over locking it out. But you can swap it back and forth quickly in the same situation/area to see what you prefer👍

I also have front raptors shocks on both sleds 2017 and 2021 I never had any issues with the T-M lock out in 4 seasons of using on 2017 Raptor updated the pivot & lock out in 2018


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Dec 1, 2007
bozeman, mt
Carbon sled Nextech SL3 skid. If you have shocks from your old Khaos you can use them. Skid has longer front arm, more travel, it weighs 30lbs (w/ float evols) in 165 length. Gets up on the snow quick and has some flex but is rigid.

I’ve not run the raptor setup, but have had Toms set up under a few ski-doos and it is definitely a big improvement over stock. It also has quite a bit of adjustment the fine tune it.

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