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Nov 26, 2007
Los Angeles
I know we are all a bit snow deprived, but any updates on radios?

Looking to purchase a set of 4 for work and am looking for reviews.
If money is no concern look at BCA 2.0 or 208 or Garmin Rhino. probably gonna spend uo to a grand for 4
For me I looked at what is used by amatuer radio operators that are cheap.

I went with Baofeng UV-9R Plus and bought some on Ebay for $25 each delivered. But Ebay is risky and might get counterfeit. Baofeng UV-9R Plus are water resistant.

Go on ebay and get shoulder mics for set 4 for 30 bucks. get extras since they are not waterproof. get latest UV-5RTP 8W/4W/1W Dual Band [5 PACKS] for $190 minus 10% free shipping. Also get shoulder mics for $10 each.​

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