Radioddity GM30 Easy and inexpensive radio works great


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Dec 27, 2012
se idaho
I'm not selling or stand to gain anything of value by posting this info. I bought 2 of these for testing. 4 stars from me.
Preprogrammed with gmrs frs same as bca/oxbow.
Will scan ctcss tones to get you on the same ctcss tones as your bca buddies.
4 watts on uhf (all of the 5 watt dual band vhf/uhf radios are 4 watts on uhf. You will likely never notice a lack of power when compared to the 8 watt radios that are really 7 watts on uhf)
Comes with a usb-c charger and will use any c charger.
Replaceable antenna.
Uses the same 2 pin Mic and programming cable as most of the other ccr's
About $50 on amazon and the good 2 pin mics can be had for $15ish.
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Mar 1, 2010
blastco2, is the 4 watts these put out in uhf more than the motorola and bca in this same mode? I was under impression those radios were only 2 watt. I have a 14 channel motorola that works with bca's but, I am uncertain whether it has uhf? Thanks
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