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Quick Drive gear down with Pro pulleys.


Dec 9, 2007
Jackson, WY
Still looking for the pro quick drive gears to try on my Axys. If anyone has any available let me know! Thanks

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Nov 27, 2007
Calgary AB/Nelson BC
So anyone looking for Pro gears for your AXYS this is a good cheap upgrade and the change in ratio is not so much that you need to re-clutch. It is also a good way to increase clutch belt life. It however is not as efficient as a C3 or TKI kit because you do not get the advantages of more top gear to belt contact. The kits that have the tensioner give you double the contact of the belt to gear so you can run the belt relatively loose compared to the Quick-Drive or a Kurt's gear-down kit. This is huge benefit as there is way less friction with a looser belt and it is much easier on the jackshaft bearings and driveshaft bearings.
Something I've always wonders why Polaris never had a tensioner from day one. Just had a brand new 850 on its 3rd ride have the jackshaft bearing let go. Loosening the belt and have to be towed out. If was a tensioner style I am positive we could have limped it out, or atleast so a more accessable location to assist in extraction.


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Dec 16, 2015
Also looking for a set of Pro gears to buy! PM me if you got a set. Thanks
16 axys with silber turbo. 163x2.6 with stock belt drive and gears. I do have the TKI belt tensioner on it. Kind of makes me wonder if that TKI tensioner would be pointless if the Pro gears will tighten up the belt more anyways? I plan on replacing the quick drive belt soon and I might as well do the gears while I'm in there.


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Nov 27, 2007
If you put the Pro QD gears top 21 and bottom 44. Can I still use the stock axys drive belt? Should I use a different belt? If yes, What belt should I use?

My stock belt currently has 300 miles on it.



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Nov 29, 2007
If you put the Pro QD gears top 21 and bottom 44. Can I still use the stock axys drive belt? Should I use a different belt? If yes, What belt should I use?

My stock belt currently has 300 miles on it.

Yes. I bought gears only for my 16 and reused stock belt.

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Everyone check the bolts when doing the gear OR belt swap. Had one break on friends 850, far back on top of a Glacier. Was fun tow out. BUT,he had put on a NEW belt, which was supposed to have the updated bolts. Nope. Look at the heads. if they stamped 8.8, then they are the too weak of bolts. Metric 8.8 is equivelant of a imperial Grade 5. The 10.9 is equivalent to a Grade 8.

And i'm probibaly going to swap to Kurts thuis fall, as I need more gear LOL


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Jan 24, 2011
Laramie, Wyoming
I think if you read some of the posts here on this issue , All say to replace the bolts and ARP bolts can be had from Summit race parts in the lengths needed for all the different Polaris bolt lengths needed here and they come in a pack of 5 if i remember correctly , I have three different lengths in my stock here in my shop at home and they are not expensive.
gtwitch in wyoming
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