Quadzilla Commander

Works on the following trucks and this is what is does. Works great just going to a different set up. Include A pillar for dodge and accu temp sender so no need to tap into transmission. Comes with everything to install. $125

Dodge 98-02
Dodge 03-07
Ford 99-03
Ford 03-06
Chevy 01-06

The Commander provides digital monitoring of up to 7 parameters on your truck simultaneously
The Commander works as a stand alone gauge and no other products are needed to use the monitoring system
The Commander has the largest LCD screen of any stand alone type gauge
The Commander will de-fuel based upon EGT, Boost, Trans/Oil Temp, Engine Coolant (high), Injection Pressure, and Fuel Pressure. This alone almost makes any other gauge obsolete.
Parameters Monitored: EGT - Boost - Transmission/Oil Temperature - Engine Coolant Temperature - Injection Pressure - Fuel Pressure (0-100psi) RPM
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