Pulling a inline with a half ton


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Nov 27, 2008
Eastern Idaho
I have a 7x20 5 ft v nose. In the time I have had it I pulled it with a 14 1/2 Chevy with a 6.2. 5 different HD chevys with Duramax’s and now a 21 2500 Ram with a Cummins. The 1/2 will pull it just fine, but the bigger truck is more stable at speed. If you are comfortable at the 55-65 speed use a 1/2 if you need to travel faster than that buy a HD diesel. I would say the big truck allows 10-15 MPH. If you can’t fit a HD into your life, slow down or put up with the fact that setup will scare years off your life every time you pull any distance.
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