Priest Lake Conditions


Dec 5, 2007
1-15-2020 Wed. Rode n- west side of lake out of 302 parking area. We were the only two sleds the entire day. Most snow I have seen in over 10 yrs. They have only groomed 6-7 trails so far this season, and 2-3 trails on the east side of lake. So much heavy snow in the trees, lots of trees over trails. Tango Trail #33 groomed with 5-6 inches of fresh powder, great ride until a giant tree halted our progtess, and forced us to backtrack. Went up Blacktail Trail # 37. to top of Boulder Mt. great ride on fresh snow. We then went west on Boulder Trail # 36 off the Mt. You could see where the groomer had cut and removed many fallen trees. Returned down the 302 Trail back to parking area ( approx 40 miles ) Check grooming report for conditions and have a fun time.
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