PR2 Racing Snowbike ECUs are in stock - 717-786-8321

ECU'S are in stock. We offer both the PR2 Vortex ECU's (2007+ EFI Motocross 350, 450-500 cc) and the PR2 GET ECU for 2017+ model year dirt bike conversion snowbikes. We have some exciting options this year. Contact us at 717-786-8321 or email Fix your over-fueling and restore lost performance.

We now offer some of the BETA EFI Motocross bikes ECU's as well.

New this year is the PR2 ECU and high compression Head insert for the 2019-20 KTM 250-300 two-strokes for the Snowbike application.

Specials right now for Bored throttle bodies and ECU upgrades. Contact us.

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