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Feb 8, 2010
Anyone here powdercoat for a living?

I currently farm full time, but have a fair amount of spare time during the summer and winter and am looking for some sort of part time gig. I have a good shop to do it in... but have ZERO experience or knowledge of it. If anyone does it or has done and would care to share any info with me that would be awesome.

Thinking getting going COULD be fairly cheap, or expensive dependent on the size of the oven and sandblasting equipment.

Would it be possible to make any sort of a living doing smaller items that fit in a regular sandblast cabinet and an oven thats not huge.

What other “big” expenses would there be besides a climate controlled space, sandblast cabinet, powder gun, spraybooth, oven, and compressed air?

Maybe I’m off in thinking there would be any money to be made doing small odd jobs from around the area. Any thoughts?

Lots of farmers, sledders, hunters, fishers, car guys, etc in the area.


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I don't but have been powdering parts for 20 years and if you have a spot to do It Id say go for it. Yes a oven that is 3x3x6 or 7 ft is ideal as u can do most stuff. Having a good chem stripper set up is also good and then all the colors....and most jobs are 100-300 bucks and cash is king :face-icon-small-coo
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