Polaris Voyager 600


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Dec 20, 2017
I am looking of a solid first sled for my wife. I have found a 2015 Polaris Voyager 600 with the 144 2" track & electric start for a decent price. I am not 100% Brand bias as I ride cat but I ride with several ladies in our group who have PRO 600's in various lengths. I have also found a 15 PRO 600 155 for close to the same price(no electric start). I am leaning for the Voyager because of the riding style she will more than likely do in the first couple years and it has electric start. We will be mainly in the Black Hills and maybe a trip to the Snowies/Big Horns. She has a lot to learn and will mainly be trails and maybe some light back country.

Curious if any body has any experience with the INDY Voyager. Does it have better cooling than a PRO? Is the Polaris 144 track worth a darn if we were playing in a meadow? Just need to educate myself with the Voyager. It looks like the Voyager has maybe a little better seat? The Voyager has 1000 miles on it - should be plenty of miles left in the 600 correct? Any feed back is appreciated
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