Polaris ski/board rack


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Nov 26, 2007
Highland, UT
Thought I'd report on the OEM polaris rack. I have only tried to backcountry ski twice off of my snowmobile, so I didn't want to invest a lot of money. The polaris rack was the least expensive and I decided to try it out. Install was fairly simple. I did get a 12" drill bit for the lower hole of the front bracket as a short bit was at an angle due to drill hitting the edge of the running board. I double checked the alignment holes on the front bracket, but it was perfect as per template, so I didn't double check the rear mount. Ended up the rear mount was 1/16 of an inch high so I shimed with a washer (see pic). Should have checked with bracket before I drilled.

Looks like the front bracket will make snow collect so I will likely remove when not hauling skis.

I hope I get to use them.



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Oct 1, 2015
Northern CO
looks pretty good. I was looking at it here at the expo hoping it might be easily removable, but didn't appear that way...was I wrong?


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Nov 26, 2007
Bellevue, WA
I'm curious how this works out for you. Go roll your sled a few times with skis in the rack so we can see how durable it is. :devil:

Oh and I'd put some bracing on your tunnel if you don't have some already (couldn't tell from pics). Polaris tunnels tend to buckle under pressure of board racks, a little insurance now could save you a tunnel later..
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