Polaris Pro 858 Motor Package


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Nov 28, 2007
Frenchtown, Montana
Polaris Pro motor with an RK-Tek 858 kit installed. I will sell this 2 different ways. Option 1 is a complete motor package or Option 2 is 858 kit, silencer, fuel controller, but minus the lower end.

The motor has a total of 900 miles on it since new. This motor has a lot of detail put into it such as the lower case half matched to cylinder/spacer. Upper case intake machined for optimal air flow and cylinder charge. Exhaust cylinder ports have been matched to exhaust gasket and manifold creating an even balance of airflow.

I installed a new set of pistons in the motor 300-400 miles ago when installing a new set of 13.5:1 domes from 14:1 domes. This was done solely to assure me I could safely run pump fuel without detonation. There was no damage or excessive wear on the old set so they can be used as spares if needed.

Motor package comes with the following:

Pro 858 motor
13.5:1 & 14:1 Cylinder Domes
BoonDocker fuel controller
Skinz exhaust silencer
Spare used pistons.
Removed motor to keep chassis and setup for kids to ride.

Price is $4000 for Option 1 as a complete motor package.
Option 2 would be $2500 with the Big Bore 858 kit, fuel controller, silencer but minus bottom end.

Purchaser must pay shipping fees if not picked up locally.


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