Places to park and ride within a couple hours of Provo

Oct 3, 2019
New to snowmobiling as of last year, went to Fairview skyline drive area , and strawberry res area , looking to ride some trees and back country where is the best place to go ? I had read about Hyrum area
Monte , and Logan canyon is there a designated parking area and u just ride off from there? Any other places I should check out ? Thanks for the information ..
Jan 20, 2009
Northern Utah
Monte has a fairly good size parking head. It's crowded in the lot on weekends but once you get out of the trail system about five miles, you're likely to see nobody around? Monte is my go-to bc it's quick and easy, burn a tank of gas before the kids get outta school, keep the wife happy.
Logan has many small turnouts and small lots, and one big lot area at the sinks. Be sure to get your Idaho tag if you're riding those areas. I recommend Franklin basin.
May 31, 2013
Monte has a big parking lot you used to have to pay but not sure anymore. It was $5-10 cant remember and it was cash only. DNR is up there a lot so make sure if the pay booth is out you pay to park even if no attendant is there and also make sure your registration is up to date. Again after you get up the trail 5-10 miles you will not see anyone. Its not a place for big long hill climbs but you have some nice open areas and some lower consequences tree riding as its not super steep. Logan riding is a little more exciting terrain there are a few different parking areas. Tonys grove , the turn for beaver mountain, Franklin basin. they are all smaller and to get a spot its better to get up there earlier.

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Oct 12, 2019
dont bother driving so far, head to Heber, take highway 40 to the strawberry visitors center parking lot. There’s marked trails on both sides of 40 that will get you to the goods. When the storms come in from the south strawberry gets hammered, they just pick up 16’’ last night were mirror lake got 5’’.
Oct 3, 2019
i have ridden that area once before guess i didnt ride high enough up to find the goods , found it mostly wide open fields and a groomed trail that seemed to go for a long ways . few hill climbs but nothing really exciting, do most of my riding up fairview canyon , but as of yesterday the snow is a little low up there maybe 2' and going fast . wonder if there is more up near strawberry .


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Oct 20, 2005
Springville, UT
If you have been to Fairview then you have been to some of the best tree riding in the state. Mill hollow is also a great place to get in the trees.
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