Pieps updating firmware.


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Nov 26, 2007
Lacombe, Alberta
I call a service shop last year in regards to doing a software upgrade to my older DSP beacon most for the software update that allow the beacon to reset to send if it doesnt detect movement after a certain amount of time. Due to circumstances I did not get in last year to get it updated. I call the shop to confirm that the shop still does this service but I was informed that pieps is now not updating beacons older than a few years?

Pieps website says its still supported? :

On behalf of your security our development team constantly works on improving the firmware and therefore particular practical experience are taken into account.

Every new firmware is available for all previously produced PIEPS DSP PRO I DSP PRO ICE I DSP SPORT.

I understand there would be a charge for this. I tired to find contact information to pieps directly but only information I can find is on service centre which directs me back to you.

Curious what you can do? Could we put on any of the prior updates that were available to update the reset feature? Anyone else done this?