Phazer sputering off idle

Dec 29, 2013
I have an 08 Phazer MTX that sputters off idle and sometimes shuts off. I just recently change the throttle body joints(rubber goose necks I call them) worked fine before but now sputtering off idle but fine after that still has all power. What could it be? rechecked everything all is hooked up right , could it be the plugs getting bad? also checked for codes in the computer and all zeros. Also the heated grips stopped working, but thumb warmer still works. what could it be?
Oct 16, 2011
Make sure your idle speed is set between 1700 and 1900. Mine was doing the same thing after changing the plugs. My idle had changed to 1250 rpm and it seem to struggle a bit when hitting the throttle. Must be the massive cam they run in that big 500. Also make sure that the throttle bodies are synchronized.
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