Parts for IQ, IQR, Rush, Pro RMK parts. New Fuel controller and IQ Sled part out


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Feb 8, 2009
I have lots of parts from various sleds and projects that I am now needing to sell.. If you see something you want, make an offer.. Stuff needs to go.. Am willing to ship anything and everything or you can pick it up if close enough. Need it gone.. Can get pictures of anything. Just ask

First on the list are parts from an 06 IQ 600. Sled was almost complete when I listed all this and will sell as is for a great deal if someone is interested, otherwise if you see just a part you need, shoot me an offer.. Need to sell.. Do not have track, motor or any suspension for this sled left, other than that, if you dont see it listed just ask, I may have it.

Bulkhead and tunnel- Has custom tube foot boards


09 + belly pan and fenders. Has SLP vent

Headlight delete

Hood Plenum

Side panels- Rough shape, but usable

Steering stem and pivot

Steering hoop


Chain case and cover

Brake reservoir with heater/headlight/reverse controls



Brake Caliper

SLP pipe- End was cut for turbo flange, but have end to re-add.

Snow flap

Again, if you dont see it listed, I may have just forgot, dont heistate to ask if its still available or there.. Will make someone a killer deal on everything left.

Next what I have for sale are parts from miscellaneous projects that are no longer need. Everything is in excellent working condition.

1 pair of outer footboard rails from 2012 Polaris Pro 800. These are not from a 13 pro. They are the aluminum bars that are removable from 11 and 12 Pro's.

Ignition Wiring harness from a 2010 Polaris Rush 600. Excellent condition

Reeds and cages. Fit IQ 600 and 700's, Rush 600s and 06 700/900 engines

2 throttle body assemblies. Fit 07 and up IQ 600 and 700's

TPS from throttle body. Fits all IQ/Rush/Pro sleds

VES valve assemblies from a 2012 Rush 600. Great shape

3 DET sensors. Fit every sled from Polaris that has a DET sensor

Ignition coils for 09 Shift 600 or 2010 and up Rush 600

Complete recoil assembly that will fit any Polaris CFI

Throttle body boots for any year 600 or 700 IQ CFI

2 injectors that will fit any Polaris CFI 600 or 700 model sled except for the Pro RMK model. These are for the yellow ecu flash.

Brand new throttle and oiler cable for Polaris Edge and Pro X 600/700/800 sleds

Stock Polaris IQ 700 Pipe and Y Pipe

02 Edge 700 CDI

39T and 41T bottom sprockets

Drive chain

06 HO Coil (yellow wires)

02 Edge 700 coil

05 IQ upper right side a-arm

08 IQ lower left side a-arm. Might be tweaked a little

IQR side panels- Used and not perfect, but usable

Polaris STD Pro RMK brake caliper and rotor

This is all I can think of for now.. Will add more if I come across it and remove parts if they sell. Again, this stuff is all BEST OFFER.. I will accept cash, Money order, Paypal, Credit card or check payments. Willing to ship to wherever..


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Dec 4, 2009

what do you want for the bulkead and tunnel? do you have the front fenders and bumper/pull loop? I have a 2007 RMK 600 with some problems. Shipped to 80538?
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