Pair Collett Helmet Communicators For Sale


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Feb 2, 2012
I bought a pair used several years ago and sent them in to the factory to receive a full check out/radio transmitter/receiver alignment. I paid $250 for the pair 3 years ago.

Factory upgraded internal parts and checked them out as 100% good as new. Cost me about $110 for factory to restore them to new condition.

I ended up never using them because they added weight to my helmet and worsened a painful neck degeneration issue.

I'm offering my pair for sale for $100 shipped total This is less than the cost of the factory tuneup/upgrade. They are identical in function to the Platinum 900 communicator which sells new for $289 apiece.

Radios works perfectly and is a great way to communicate with a rider without having to press a button to speak.

Very reliable and very good range.

Not so good:
Radios themselves are in excellent condition. The battery packs are kept in a separate container that has a coiled cable wire that plugs into the headset attached to the helmet. The battery pack wiring is missing some outer insulation that has flaked off from exposure to elements over time. The actual insulation for the two battery wires is not damaged but the outer insulation is missing. You can electrical tape them, heat shrink tube them, or buy new coiled wire (similar to telephone cord) and solder it to the battery packs. Everything works just fine as it and it is a cosmetic issue that may eventually cause the exposed wiring (at end of battery pack) to eventually degrade from exposure but no time soon.

$100 for both communicators, 4 battery packs, two helmet set of helmet speakers.

For labor/parts I can replace the coiled battery pack wiring and rebuild the battery packs with new batteries. Add additional $100 for both packs. <--Not necessary everything works as it should now.

You will need self stick velcro for the radios and for the speakers.



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