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Dec 24, 2011
Tools are located in San Jose CA with free delivery to Tahoe, and maybe to norcal. Partial trades toward a '12 or newer M8 or RMK considered.

So you want to build stuff, well you are going to need tools that are cooler than the stuff you want to build right. Well what is cooler than some 1960's-ish tools that are still better than anything you could buy today. Honestly, I dont know the exact age of these, but they are old. They are also in some of the best condition I have seen these model of tools in. go ahead and check ebay, Craigslist, your grandfather's garage, well maybe not the garage, but you wont find these tools in this condition for less money. Prices listed are the same as I have them on ebay, but email me through Snowest and we can work something out for you.

Rotex A18 Turret Punch. The 18A includes 17 punches of various sizes and and a small shear. It will fit up to a 2" diameter punch though this one currently has a 1-21/32 in the largest location. No missing tools and all make a nice clean hole. Not perfect, but a lot better than most others for sale. Original Rotex paint, how many of those for sale still have the original paint on them? Asking $2600.

Baldor Tool Sharpener / Grinder with Baldor Pedestal. The tool grinder/tool sharpener is a 1/2HP, 3 phase 220V with reversible switch on front. It includes BOTH water/lubricant tanks and one of the tanks has a petcock (seems clogged with rust). The light shield has a crank in it and one table tilt bolt is missing (I replaced it with an allen bolt), but otherwise this unit is in great shape. The grinder wheel that is on the right side is nearly new. There is no abrasive nor diamond wheel on the left side. On ebay these range from 400-over 800 and very few are in this nice of condition. Asking $550

Baldor Bench Grinder with Baldor Pedestal. The grinder is a 3/4 HP, 3 phase 220V with 8 inch wheels. Model 8123W. It has two non-matching lighted safety shields. It is wired through a ridiculously overkill junction box with a relay. Main power switch on the box powers the lights while the grinder is powered by the monstrous push button on the front. The sheetmetal shield on the wire wheel side has a crack in it. I can MIG weld this for you if needed, but it will burn off some of the paint. Otherwise the unit is in good to great shape for the vintage it is. It is definitely original paint. Also includes what I believe is an authentic Baldor liquid tank that is cast iron (try to find another one of those on ebay.) ebay sells these grinders for 4-500 without the pedestal and the pedestals for 250 by themselves. Asking $450

Famco Ratcheting Arbor Press. I thought this was a 4 ton, but it could be a 3.5 ton? It is kind of buried in the garage and I dont feel like diggin it out unless someone is at least a little interested in it. It is big, heavy, and in great shape. Asking $200


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Dec 24, 2011
Both grinders are sold and the press is pending a pickup coordination.

Rotex is still available. What an incredible Holiday present for yourself!!
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