OHV funding money released ???


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Nov 26, 2007
Los Angeles
I ride in the Sequoia National Forest with winter activity maintained by Federal Forest Service personnel. Equipment and funding are from the state of California

No grooming or even going to the trails to make sure trail markers are in place ARE NOT BEING PERFORMED. Suppose to be performed November 1 to end of March.

Money not released.

Please call 916-324-4442 to ask
Dan Canfield, Deputy Director (Acting)
Brian E. Robertson, Division Chief

to release the money. Email

ohvinfo@parks.ca.gov asking the same. Thank you


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Apr 6, 2013
This is grant funded, and the agency or organization receiving the grant is responsible for performing all the work and paying for it up front. Then at the end of the grant cycle, the CA OHMVR pays the agency/organization. If a grant was awarded last year, but the grant recipient screwed up their reporting, they might have a hold-up in getting the funds. But this year's projects are on another grant cycle, and the recipient shouldn't expect any funds from the OHMVR until the end of the project, and after all reporting is complete and reviewed. Anyone telling you "the work isn't being done because the money hasn't been released" is just giving you an excuse.
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