Ogden Valley Riding

Just moved to Ogden from Minnesota and have been spending lots of time in Ogden Valley on the Mountain Bike. I've been wondering if anyone ever rides back there? Looks like there could be some fun stuff on the backside of Ben Lomond after biking up a few times. Not sure if that area is open to sleds? It looks like you can moto back there so maybe sleds are ok.

I know ill be doing most of my riding in Logan and maybe some in Monte but i was curious if it was an option for some quick rips during the week a little closer to town.
Nov 26, 2007
Yes there is some fun riding up there usually unload where they stop plowing on the road that goes over from them the Huntsville side to Avon Paradise in the Logan valley or you can ride up from the Mantua side also, just usually pretty bumpy.


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Jan 19, 2008
Ogden, Utah
For the last several years the snow conditions in the Huntsville/Avon/Mantua areas have been less than ideal. Monte is only a little further and usually has much better coverage. Logan canyon is the best imo., but I'm probably wrong, so everyone should just go to Monte :)
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