ofsc, and chapleau to close F trail between missanabi and chapleau, please help!!!


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Nov 26, 2007
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guys over on www.ontarioconditions.com in the northern section (please take the time to register to help, even if you have never rode there). there is a thread stating the ofsc is closing the 90 mile section of trail from chapleau to missanabi. http://forum.ontarioconditions.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3474&p=36551#p36551

this is a very needed route for the larger northern loop riding, as well as the smaller day, and weekend loops in northern ontario. this closure will effect travelers, towns and business in the WHOLE region.

please take the time to help the group so we dont lose this corridor. here are some cut and pastes from the thread, with contact info for those involved with helping, and those involved in closing this trail. please help, even if you never rode there, some day you might want to loop through this area. thank you for your help in advance. TIME IS SHORT ON THIS, PLEASE DONT WAIT TO SEND A LETTER, OR JUST YOUR NAME FOR A PETITION. ski

from big reg, dubreuilville club president
I've just got call from our Governor of district 13 that District 14 and Chapleau club will be closing the F trail forever between Chapleau and Dubreuilville next season (2009-2010)

This is not right there are ways to keep it open.

If people want, you can send me an e-mail with your name, and I will bring that to our District meeting Jan. 20, 09 and we are going to send letters to District 14, Chapleau club and OFSC.


from luc, (the groomer guy)
The thing Is, I Was Club President at that time and when we had to groom the last 32 km of that trail we needed to do 100km of trail for nothing to be able to reach that section of trail to groom it. Or we had to Float the Groomer in Every time at a Cost of $1000 Each time.

The Chapleau Club Wanted a New Groomer and Was going to End up with 3 groomers, OFSC was to Give Money for it but before OFSC was going to give money for it te Chapleau Club Had to Prove that they Had trails/hours for the 3rd groomer.... So We Said it Would be Better for us If Chapleau took that Section of trail. We where asked if it was ok that If Chapleau took that trail and an other Section of the F- trail South of them so that they Could Have a Groomer and that they Would Keep Open the F trail. they got what they wanted,

Well Now Thing HAs Changed and they Dont Want to Do it Anymore.

from big reg, the contact info for those leading the way to close this. (the guy owns the hotel in chapleau RIGHT ON THE TRAIL HE IS TRYING TO CLOSE)
Here the link to his page, you will find all the info there for e-mail, address and telephone #

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