Not a Polaris Indy 120 !!!!

Grandpa recently got my boys for almost next to nothing what he believed was a Polaris Indy 120 at least that's what he was told when he bought it after getting it back home I tore into it to see what he bought and he's been fooled it turns out it's a Chinese clone very similar but a lot of difference in the drivetrain but frame and body are all identical I stripped it down completely and have been rebuilding it from nut and Bolt up I faced many challenges along the way and replaced all with stock parts from Polaris not the Chinese crap it has a motor from a Honda gy6 120cc which posed all different kind of problems that I have sorted out and I'm onto my last piece of the puzzle wondering if someone's able to help me out with some simple information after getting the unit back assembled I noticed some of the drive lugs on the track are torn off I have a skidoo that I replaced with anti-ratcheting drivers and they worked well and I've read a few posts that other people have done on these smaller machines and had great success with them I see recreational Motorsports carries four and five tooth drivers for this machine but before I go ahead and order want to get input from everybody which would be better to replace with a stock 4 tooth or to use the 5 and I'd like to know if anybody can give me the track pitch of their original Polaris manufactured machines the track is in great condition except for two rows next to each other missing drive lugs would love to save the track but upgrade the drivers if someone's able to give me the pitch of their track so I can compare to my track to make sure that these drivers I want to order will fit what I currently have what I have measured seems to be 1.52 track pitch I would greatly appreciate it and thank you everybody for your input in advance IMG_20210523_113531.jpg IMG_20210523_145549.jpg IMG_20210523_145322.jpg IMG_20210523_145334.jpg


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Too cool!

Those metal drivers are killing that track! get the Rec Motors 5t driver kit for sure.

Never seen a knock off version before, that's cool. Torque converter hiding behind that cover I'm guessing too. Very cool project.
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