No wone ignition debate which battery best for cold weather starts period.?

Every battery post I read is about thenw isn't,
I get it and would like to shave off a pound or two but not at the expense or chance of a no start so
Which battery is best for cold?
Stock took a dump and won't hold a charge after a couple years so like to find something a little better if avaliable.
Does OPTIMA have one that would WR450 batteryok and fit they are pretty solid batteries?


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Dec 3, 2009
Reno, Nevada
Your best bet then is to find the lightest conventional battery with the same or more CCA's as the battery that came with the sled. Most of the light weight conventional batteries that come with the same CCA's as the OEM weight the same as the OEM. Cold Temps hurt every battery. However it effects the newer LI-ion batteries more because they require a chemical reaction to discharge power and if you believe in science you know that cold temps slow down chemical reactions. I bought a anit-gravity 16 cell battery and it was able to start my sled after sitting all night outside in -17F temps. Granted it took 10 minutes to wake up the battery before it would fire off and it was new. My truck even had problems lighting off that morning. I was not moving very fast either so by the time i had the truck packed the sled lit off. No problem in my book. I would rather spend a few minutes waking up the battery then deal with the 12 more pounds i would have to carry with me. To each his own. Not saying people who claim to have issues are lying about them. I would be willing to bet some that claim to have had issues were because they went with a cheap LI-battery battery with less CCA then their sled required.
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