Nikon AW100


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Oct 31, 2010
NW near Greenwater
I just discovered how to use the GPS features on the Nikon AW100.

I upload a picture to google earth's Panoramio and it automatically puts where the picture was taken

see example

as long as the camera has been turned on long enough to lock on to the GPS signal it saves the position with the digital picture.

Nice for future reference to know where we were and for posting to Google earth.

see camera specs here.

high def video 1080i

the other pictures show how the camera works on the automatic setting
the one below the lense was fogged.

I didn't take the time to clear the fog off the lense but look at the location I took the picture.
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Jan 11, 2011
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I love my AW100!!!:reckon:

What a great little point and shoot it is, this coming from a guy who owns 2 D3s. Not feeling all that comfortable about strapping a $4000 dollar body with $5000 worth of glass on my back or attached to the tunnel of my sled. I figure, I trash the AW, no big loss! The video on this camera truly blew me away, the stills, not the greatest, but does have enough information to work with in post.
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