Nextech sl3 skid


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Apr 23, 2012
Checked out their website, pretty cool stuff.

But wow - almost $4000 for that ski to save 16.8 pounds. That also doesn't include the cost of the shocks.

Would be fun to have lots of money and see how light you could really make a Summit.


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Oct 2, 2014
The SL3 ski-doo skid works pretty well. It feels a lot like a Polaris skid in that it carries the ski's about 6" or so off the snow when climbing and doesn't turn into the porpoising wheelie monster the T-motion skid seems to be. The weight difference in the rear is very noticeable on a Doo. I can't speak directly for Carl but I do remember talks about changing the length of the front arm a couple years ago. I do have a problem with periodically breaking the limiter(s) strap on the SL3 skid. It is a lot of money and I do like the performance of another skid better, but it is an option I think needs to be considered if the funds allow.

As far as lightweight goes, I believe I currently have one of the lightest factory turbos built. Its a 154 Summit that weighed 430 +/-5 with oil and coolant in it. I have the RS cooler swap to do this fall, but have only done the current commercially available products on the market for lightweight. I am at the point of having to fabricate my own stuff now.
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