Newbie from B.C. Canada


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Oct 15, 2017
B.C. Canada
I am Tyler and while I started riding a bit in 2007, i got hooked on it in 2009.
Bought a 2009 M1000 Artic Cat and like riding but time to get out riding has been seldom at best. I recently moved to Revelstoke BC and started a new job where I know work a week on and a week off.
So will have time to ride.
But my knowledge is limited so I joined to help figure out what new sleds to buy, and where to ride as I've never sledded here. I turn 38 in a couple of weeks and have a new wife as well, got married this summer.
Been looking at Cat and Polaris 800. Want to get us the same brand so it is eaaier for parts erc.
Interesting to see not a single motorcycle or snowmobile dealer here, as the area is known for its riding. I like the RMK Pro 800 with 174 track and think the floatation will be nice. The 162 track 800 cc Arctic Cat is also appealing. My M1000 is no longer running after the engine self destructed last winter. Always wished it had a longer track as well. I am considering having it rebuilt and use it on days wirh less deep powder.
Thanks for having me!
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Dec 5, 2015
I've seen more than a few people from BC on here. So your in the right pkace. WELCOME. Lots of info here.
You might want to start a thread on the forums about what sled to go with. You'll get a lot of feedback. Not sure if you'll get info your seeking in this introduction forum.


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Nov 26, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Welcome to the forum! I've ridden Revy a few times and have spent a bit of time in the area both winter and summer. Great place, lots of excellent restaurants too.

Good luck finding your perfect sled and enjoy your new town!
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