New to Video and lacking Knowledge!!


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Apr 6, 2010
Northern Idaho
I just got a Hero 3 and am going to start trying to figure it out. I will be using a helmet mount to start with. Is there a trick to pointing the camera in the right place to get the video you want or does the wide angle lens take care of that for you? Since there is no view finder I am not sure what I will be getting video of. Any other tips that you can give me that would make my life in the video world easier would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


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Sep 16, 2011
American Falls ID
Do you have a smart phone? I use my phone as a view finder and change settings if I want, then just use the camera buttons to start/stop recording. I know that when I just eye ball the alignment without double checking with the phone it's always pointing lower than I want.
Jan 14, 2004
Mount the camera on your helmet, put on your helmet and take some video around the house. Keep doing this till you get it right. Most people aim the camera too low, remember frequently your head is down a bit while you are riding and 20 minutes of looking at your skiis gets a little boring. Once you get the angle right you can cut a small piece of cardboard or whatever and make a little guage that goes between the back of the camera and your helmet that way you can set the angle perfect everytime. Its really frustrating when you think you are getting great footage and then the angle ends up being off cause you bumped the camera.

If I can see my visor in the picture my camera is too low.

Just play around you'll get it right.

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