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New to Iowa

Jan 7, 2020
Hey guys, I have the possibility of getting temporarily moved to Iowa for work at the end of the month for 3 months, which obviously throws a wrench into snowmobiling season. What’s the riding like in Iowa? How long does the season typically last? I’m coming from Michigan which has been having a crappy season so far, and am used to trailering 2-4 hours to chase the snow. Is there a decent base in the state right now? For those who have experienced both, how do the trail systems compare to Michigan, both upper and lower peninsula? Any tips for an out-of-stater who doesn’t like riding alone?


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Dec 1, 2007
Very hit or miss here in Iowa and limited trail opportunities. There is as good of snow in parts of the state this year than in an average year. Lots of ditch riding, trail systems depend on the area. I haven't ridden much other than in NW Iowa but our trails are mostly groomed ditches.
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