New to Col

Just moved to the springs and picked up a 2020 alpha one m hardcore, grew up riding in Michigan. What are some of the laws/regulations out here and some places everyone recommends to go? There are flag laws on wire fences where I rode, anything like that out here? Thanks in advance.
Mar 26, 2019
The are wilderness and ski areas that prohibit snowmobile rec use. Those areas for the most part are all marked.

I would recommend, Cottonwood/tincup/Hancock/Cumberland pass area. Its far enough away from Denver that it doesn’t get overridden like some of the areas closer to vail.

It’s relatively close to Buena vista and salida. Buena vista has a great cat dealer that keeps most parts that commonly break like bars and break levers in stock as well as ctec oil.

I would recommend to pick up at the minimum a back country radio, beacon, probe and shovel. As well as take a avalanche class. If this coming season is as good as last year expect high avy danger.

I’ll be riding that area all winter if you want someone to ride with.
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