New Timbersled Snowbike/New 2020 Husqvarna FX450


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Nov 26, 2007
Northern Idaho
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New Timbersled Snowbike/New 2020 Husqvarna FX450
I have two new premium Snowbikes which where just finished, both are brand new and unridden.
All add-on aftermarket parts are new and unused and are the best in the industry.
I am not charging for build-ups on these bikes, as they are spec bikes which I wanted to add to the list of custom builds for my business.
I used to build high end custom Snowmobiles and now build custom Enduro bikes.
As I said both of these bikes were built as spec bikes, I will pass on the deals that I received but will not sell either of them for less then I have posted..
Both bikes include parts to return bikes back to dirt bikes if you choose.
I can take trades on a Beta X-Trainer in mint condition only or a KTM 150 mint only.
New 2020 Husqvarna FX 450 MSRP $10,700/ Sale $ $10,000
New Timbersled ARO 120 LE Snowcheck/W Fox Shocks MSRP $6500.00/ Sale - $4700.00
TSS Fit kit For Husqvarna $1100.00
Bike and Timbersled Retail Total = $18,300
Bike and Timbersled Sale Total = $14,700
Snowbike Add-Ons
Rekluse CX Auto Clutch $1180
Polosport Yellow Plastics Kit $150.00
C-3 Forcefield Wrap-Around Handgaurds $198.00
C-3 Snowbike LED Lighting $85.00
C-3 Integrated Bar Riser $106.00
C-3 Backcountry Snowbike Footpegs $198.00
C-3 Quick Connect, Coolant Heated Handlebars and Thermostat Bundle $466.00
Trail Tech Temperature Gauge
C-3 Snowbike Air Intake $135.00
C-3 ODI Lock-on Grips $30.00
RotoPax 2.5 Extra Fuel Tank $150
Timbersled Tunnel Bag $215.00
P-3 Carbon Fiber Exhaust Shield $150
Acerbis Skid Plate $82.00
For Seal Savers $30.00
Custom Ribbed Seat Cover $55.00
Jump Starter with custom quick connect $150.00
Quick Connect Battery Jump $30.00
Snowbike Add-on Total = $3370.00
Regular MSRP Package Price = $21,710
Sale Price for Husqvarna Package = $18,110
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