New snowmobile race series in the Midwest!!

After the success of the 2015 Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge promoter Cor PowerSports announced last month that they were exploring expanding the Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge for 2016. After finalizing the format for 2016 it was announced that they will be expanding the event into a series that will be called the Midwest Extreme Snowmobile Challenge (MESC) Triple Crown series. Cor PowerSports has been a cross country series promoter for the past 4 seasons and 2016 marks this 5th year so they wanted to do something big to celebrate that and this new Triple Crown series is a great way to cap off a great winter of racing and riding.

The MESC Triple Crown, scheduled to start at the conclusion of the 2016 cross country series in Mid-March, will consist of three spring race events: Terrain X, Hillclimb and Hill X.

Terrain X -- This new snowmobile racing format will take place on a course designed like an old-school motocross course but run entirely on a ski hill about 2-3 miles long. The event will feature a two-moto format with a combined finish for an overall winner. Moto’s will be timed +2 laps.

Hillclimb -- This repeat event will continue to follow the standard of hillclimb racing set by Rocky Mountain States HillClimb Association (RMSHA). The courses will be designed to have great flow, challenging obstacles and fun elevation changes.

Hill X -- Although this sport has been declining in popularity recently, it still has a huge following of racers in the Midwest who are looking for some good hillcross racing. Cor PowerSports will be taking some ideas used in the original hillcross series from years past, but it also plans to add a Midwest Extreme twist into the course design. Riders will face jumps, rhythm sections, turns, whoops, and possibly both downhill and uphill portions as well.

Here is the tentative schedule for the MESC Triple Crown:

Round 1: March 19-20, location: TBA
Round 2: April 2-3, location: TBA
Round 3: April 16-17, location: Lutsen Mountains, Lutsen, Minn.

Cor PowerSports is still finalizing what classes will be offered during the series, but there's sure to be something for everyone from junior riders to seasoned pro racers.

For more information please visit Cor PowerSports Snowmobile Racing Series
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