New Owners are great

I just wanted to start a thread to say thanks to the guys over at Boss seats. I've seen a few posts stating that Boss is a terrible company....blah, blah, blah. well that might have been true for the old regime but the new owners are great. They had my seat ready to ship in the time frame they initially quoted me and it looks to be of good quality. Their response time to my emails and phone calls were always within a hours or at worst a day or 2, but I do understand this is probably their busiest time of the year.

Thanks to Dallas and Steve, keep up the good work guys.



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Feb 1, 2010
Last spring of 2013, way before the deal closed, I ordered and paid for a new cover for an 10 Pro seat. The previous owners banked the cash, and it then took a half dozen calls and messages over five months to get my paid-for cover by the end of summer. There were rumors of BOSS's demise, and I didn't want to get stuck. I got it, sent about a week before the prior owners sold it.

Soon after the sale of BOSS closed, new owner Steve reached out to me to ask if I was taken care of - apparently, he was combing through old voice and email messages, and found my pleas, not knowing if I was still waiting to get my cover. While I was eventually taken care of by the old owners, as I should have been, the new owners took initiative and followed-up to find out if I was still in the cold, even though they had not been the owners when I paid. Hats off to them, wish them the best, I think a higher level of customer service will exist. FWIW, I have bought three BOSS seats for three different chassis's over the years, and while I've really like the product design, everything about service was always a hassle. For that price, you expect design, quality and service. I believe times have changed - if you like the product, give them a try, I will again.
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