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Oct 9, 2018
Parker, SD
Just joining up from eastern South Dakota currently riding a 04 700 RMK Vertical Escape. Been riding for many years on a few different sleds the RMK has been my favorite sled by far.

I farm with my dad and grandfather about 1100 tillable acres and 100 head of cattle feeders/cows and im also a full time (40hrs+) diesel mechanic certified Detroit Diesel/Allison Transmissions, hopefully get to the point I can go farming full time and dump this time clock punching bs but its good income for now

love riding, hopefully can begin to get out more and do some more outwest riding been to the bighorns a couple times otherwise the Black Hills is as far west as I get

never sure what all to talk about in these things, been on a few other snowmobile forums but they've all kinda died out this one seems to be the last with a decently active community, hopefully it stay that way
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