Never ride alone again in Utah!

Dec 14, 2012
Looking to Ride Wed 12/30, Thurs 12/31, Fri 01/01 or Sat 01/02

Taking some time off week and looking to ride. I know Smith and Morehouse and also Soapstone and Wolf Creek Areas of Mirror Lake where I usually ride. I have two sleds but may be on my own depending on the day this week. I'm willing to try other areas with experienced riders that know the area as well. My cell is 801-815-4653 if anybody wants to ride this week!


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Nov 26, 2007
Kaysville, UT
Getting back into sledding

Hey hope this thread is still active.
I'm getting back into sledding after a few years off. I've got an 850 incoming. :peace:

Just wondering how many groups/members regularly ride on Sunday and if they wouldn't mind a tag along every once in a while.
Mar 6, 2008
Looking to possibly rent a sled from Uinta rentals this weekend, Sunday or Monday. Looks like they are in Heber City, and they will drop the sled off for me at a trail head 15 minutes from their location. I am from Washington state, 30, and have been riding pretty much my whole life. Anyone planning on riding one of those days and not mind someone tagging along and showing me the area?


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Nov 27, 2007
What's the snow like up logan canyon? I would like to ride Monday Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Anyone wake to ride?

I rode Tony Grove 2 weeks ago. We was barely able to leave from the main parking lot. I read today people are chasing the snow up the road and parking around the first lookout point with the trailers. Pretty much all the lower elevation snow is gone. You might be able to chase the snow down Franklin road. The snow up high is still quite good, and I seen Beaver reported another 3" new with yesterdays storm.
Jan 30, 2009
I'm looking for some people to ride with in southern utah or sw colorado this winter. I've been living in southern Arizona and finally have my sled with me. I'm 27 and a ride a 2016 M8 153". I've been to Rabbit ears in colorado before along with the snowies and bighorns in Wyoming. I have an avalanche beacon, probe, snow bungee, and a GPS. I am planning to go somewhere MLK day weekend January 18-20th along with Presidents day weekend February 15-17th. I may do some other weekends as well.
Feb 25, 2019
I am relatively new to Cache Valley and looking for people to ride with in Logan Canyon and surrounding areas. I ride a snow bike and am a new rider but learning quickly. I completed BackCountry 101 with the Utah Avalanche Center. I ride with a beacon, probe, shovel and air bag pack. I don't like to take unnecessary risks when it comes to avalanches but I know the risks. Like everyone else on here I love traveling in the backcountry on a machine in winter!
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