Need yami 540 engine

Sep 3, 2009
hey guys, well i figured out that the exciter 2 engine is just going to be more of a hastle then any good to try to stuff it into my 83 yamaha ss440. So i come to you guys in desperate help! I do know that the srv 540 engine bolts right in, its bacicly a bigger displacement 440 engine. But!, the problem i have is i have no 540 to put in my SS so does any one on here have the 540 so i can maybe have some fun this year??? i will pay cash, and pay for the shipping i dont care as long as you have a 540 let me know and i will get back to you a.s.a.p thanks again guys
Oct 7, 2009
540 motor

have a 540 pulled from a srv last year been stored inside ever since would take 125.00 for it plus shipping im located in upstate ny
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