Need advice on 2009 Nytro suspension adjustment

Jan 2, 2018
I'm trying to get a softer ride in the rear. I'm 140 lbs fully geared. My front shocks are good but my rear fishtails when I accelerate. Looked at other forums and they say to put torsion spring to soft and to raise the limiter strap. It shakes like a wet dog and want to get it tuned in. Anybody have any exact # of clicks, front and back? And hole for limiter strap and also torsion spring setting?


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Nov 26, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
I would start with your torsion spring first. Change one thing at a time so you can isolate the issue. If you can't get it soft enough, you can probably order a softer torsion spring online. Sucking up your limiter strap is going to increase your ski pressure and make it a little harder to steer though, so be wary of that.

If you are still fishtailing and need more sled weight on the rear, you can move the rear suspension up in the chassis, which effectively lowers the back of your sled and will shift the center of balance more towards the rear.

Watch this video, it will explain how you should setup and balance out your sled as much as you can:
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